combining form

suffix: -scape

denoting a specified type of scene.


There is so much in the world to be inspired by, from the unknown to the expected. At Scape we draw from the tangibility of earth and her metals, as well as the impeccable and unmatched craftsmanship of the true artisans of the past, before digital design and automated assembly lines became standard.

Our dream is to share our love of design—both in crafting jewelry and outfitting a home. To return everyday to a place filled with objects of memory and beauty is a privilege. We love our homes, whether starting out or settling down, and believe they should always feel like a sanctuary. To do this we find treasures that best represent our internal desires and selves. Even more important are the objects that we use to create memories with one another.

Scape is a thoughtfully curated collection of items of original design and found antique and vintage homewares, art and jewelry. With a focus on solid sterling silver, Scape collections are comprised of well sculpted, wearable heirlooms designed for your future and inspired by the best elements of the past.

Scape pieces are designed, carved, casted and finished by hand with environmentally sound practices in studio in New York City.