The Primi collection launches at the dawn of 2018, a moment poised for sagacious endeavors and a fresh appreciation for the artistic accomplishments of the past.

At the conceptual heart of Primi, or First, are horns and acute points. Aries is the first constellation in the zodiac and its arrival in the calendar year heralds springtime. The ram with spiraling horns is symbolic of Aries, and possesses strength and honesty. To completely partake in the benefits of rebirth we must acknowledge the circular nature of life and death. The spiraling horn of the ram, an ancient symbol of eternity, eloquently embodies the spirit of the Primi collection: beloved possessions that will come into your life, endure the test of time, whether it be daily routines or world traveling, and someday be given to loved ones to live another lifetime.

Scape collections are comprised of well sculpted, wearable heirlooms designed for your future and inspired by the best elements of the past. Scape pieces are designed, casted, and finished by hand with environmentally sound practices in studio in New York City.

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